About Me

 Robin Burns is a licensed massage therapist and owner of Falmouth Therapeutic Massage, where she practices clinical massage. She is a Certified Advanced Orthopedic Massage Specialist and has additional training in Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, Myoskeketal Alignment and Active Release Therapy. 

"I believe that clinical massage is a powerful therapeutic tool in the treatment of numerous pain and injury conditions", she says.

Robin received a Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational Therapy from Tufts University, and studied at the graduate level there. Working as an occupational therapist in major teaching hospitals in Boston and New York City with leaders in the fields of orthopedic research and treatment, she developed a strong interest in clinical orthopedics and sports medicine. Over her 16 years of practice she grew into leadership roles, becoming a clinical educator and eventually an administrator.  It was during her tenure as director of a rehabilitation department in a health care facility that Robin became disillusioned with the changes in healthcare and retired from the field. After a brief "sabbatical" from traditional healthcare, she chose to attend massage school, and opened a private practice upon graduation in 2006, her goal being to practice clinical massage.

Robin has been a massage educator, teaching hands-on massage skills, lecturing, and contributing to the development of anatomy and physiology, kinesiology, pathology and deep tissue massage curricula at massage schools in New England. 

As a clinical practitioner and Certified Advanced Orthopedic Soecialist she designs treatment sessions that are rehabilitative and can be part of a wellness program as well. Robin does not practice spa techniques or relaxation massage. While she believes that spa massage is useful in terms of enhancing overall health and well being, Robin prefers to use her strengths in evaluation, assessment and therapeutic techniques as a clinical intervention.

Robin has worked with professional athletes including members of the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, Detroit Tigers, Florida Marlins and baseball's Independent League organizations, nationally ranked competitive runners and swimmers, professional LaCrosse players,  NCAA athletes, celebrities and weekend warriors.  Her practice is not limited to athletes, however.  She also enjoys working with people who have conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, temperomandibular joint dysfunction (commonly known as TMJ), plantar fasciitis, and chronic low back pain, and those who have pain and dysfunction as a result of chronic illness or an acute injury.

Please contact Robin for more information. She will be happy to discuss clinical massage as it would relate to you.