What To Expect

This is not a spa!  I work in a comfortable private room in a lively Physical Therapy practice.  There is no incense, no fluffy white robes, no posters with tropical scenes on the walls; clearly the environment is clinical.  If you like, you can bring your own CDs for background music, or I will play soft classical or contemporary music.

 Your first session will begin with a conversation about the goals you have for your massage and an evaluation designed to provide the information necessary to design the most effective and efficient sessions.  I will explain the work I will do, instruct you to disrobe, and explain how to position yourself on the massage table.  In some cases you may wear shorts, or comfortable exercise clothing. 

 I will leave the room to provide privacy while you undress.  You will be covered by a sheet (and blanket if you wish) for draping during the massage and I will uncover only the part of your body being massaged, ensuring that modesty is respected at all times. After the massage is finished, you will be provided with privacy while dressing. 

We may use heat to start a session.  I use a light, non-oily massage cream formulated to reduce inflammation and support muscle and joint health. As we work, I will ask you to take deep breaths and exhale fully.  You can talk as much as you like during the session. I encourage you to ask questions, and it’s important to let me know how you are responding to the work.  Unlike during a spa or Swedish massage, the techniques I use may require your participation. I may ask you to perform a particular motion, resist a motion, or I may stretch a certain muscle.  At the end of the session we may use heat or ice. 

 When the session is over, I will exit the room to give you privacy for a few minutes while you get dressed.  It’s not uncommon to feel a bit lightheaded when you first sit up; if you do, sit on the massage table for a minute or two.  I will return in a few minutes with a drink of water for you to begin rehydrating. 

 The last thing we’ll do is discuss what to expect in the days immediately following your session and your post session self care, which may include icing or heat, foam rolling, and stretching.  You can book your next session before you leave.