After a long season of professional baseball my body was pretty beat up. Pitching is very physically demanding. I went through the toughest season I had ever experienced in terms of my workload, so I needed to get my body healed and prepared for next season. I had never had any sort of extensive massage done before so I figured I would give it a try. Well it was amazing! I really liked how Robin told me what muscle she was working on and how she was going to work on it. Not only did I feel like a million bucks at the end of the session, I was also well educated. Robin was very thorough when finding a problem area, especially in my neck. My neck took a beating during my off-season weight training program and I have not had a problem since my last visit. I would recommend Robin to anyone of any occupation. She is a great person and very professional. As a professional athlete I learned the importance of soft tissue work and recovery after a long season and I am very thankful that I was referred to Robin.

 Thank you for everything and God Bless!!

  Steve Cishek, Pitcher, Miami Marlins


I have seen many massage therapists over the years, but none have come close to the clinical expertise of Robin Burns. This is not the warm, fuzzy, spa-like, lie-there-and zone-out, kind of massage. Although I say ‘not spa like’, I should clarify that the table is comfortable and adjustable, the light is dim, the room is warm, and pleasant music is playing...so that part,  is spa-like.

With her massage, you are actively participating in the process. She will ask you to raise this, lower that, breathe, and she will be able to massage those places that are not typically accessible.

There were times that were super uncomfortable, dare I say quite painful, but she is there with you 100%; watching your physical cues, assessing your pain level, and giving you reassurance and guidance.

Unbeknownst to me, before my first visit, I had herniated a disc in my neck that was causing pain in my shoulder area. That pain was the reason I went to see Robin. After discovering the diagnosis, I was a bit apprehensive about going back, unsure if this was a good thing for the acute nature of this problem. Thankfully, my PT reassured and encouraged me to continue and so I kept seeing Robin weekly for 5 weeks.

Amazingly, after each massage, she was able to reduce the spasm to the point of complete pain relief for days, which helped my overall healing process.

I am convinced that her treatment allowed me to use minimal pain medication and to, ultimately, feel and heal better and faster than was expected!

I have certainly had good, even great massages before, but none of them seemed to have had the lasting impact that I have experienced with that of Robin’s.

Denise Marcoux, PA-C

Physician Assistant


Right under my nose……..I’d walked past Robin Burns’ office literally hundreds of times.  I’d even had physical therapy several times right outside her door.  I’m in my sixties and after a lifetime of bone problems, many surgeries, physical therapy, acupuncture and lots and lots of massages, I had figured that PT and exercise were my best hopes to maintain function and massages were for relaxation.   But, there were many days when my muscles felt so tight and uncomfortable that a trip to the gym just seemed an awful prospect.

Ellen Howland, my physical therapist, had recommended Robin when I was finishing therapy after my fifth surgery (a wonderfully successful revision of my 22 year old artificial hip), and I have to say I was skeptical.  I figured I hardly needed more gentle relaxation- I needed a solution.

The first visit made it clear that Robin is a problem solver.  She listens and looks, and learns things that aren’t spoken or even known. It also made it clear that this was not going to be gentle relaxation.   For some of my problems accumulated over decades of sheltering my weak side (partial tears on lots of stuff in a shoulder and scar tissue on the revised hip) one session produced deep and immediate results that may only need periodic tune-ups somewhere down the road.  For my poor ‘good’ knee that had endured all the years of supporting my weak side, it’s taking a little longer.    But, every time she’s worked on it, I’m able to do more.

I’ve never before experienced the remarkable effect that Robin achieves with each session.  This is not relaxation massage.  This serious restoration work that has left me feeling stronger, less strained by pain and more possible every time.  My goal is not to become a better athlete, it is to maintain function and gain strength so that I can continue to enjoy my life without limitations.  If you’ve long standing issues with strength, mobility and balance, Robin can help.

Penelope Duby

Falmouth, MA


  In 2010 Robin took my damaged meniscus and MCL from a painful and low functioning 60% to full, pain-free function.  She is now a central consultant in my recovery from a broken and dislocated shoulder. For my two athletic teenage daughters, each with injured ankles, she was able to work through their problems and get them running again.  For one, a severe sprain had been left untreated for five months and Robin was able to restore the ankle. 

  I have found Robin’s education and training as a Certified Advanced Orthopedic Massage Therapist ideal as she is medically knowledgeable and a full hands-on wise healer.  She fills the gap between the medical and the massage world and I attribute our recoveries to her care.  As a bonus, she is a bright, pleasant person with a great laugh, it is nice to spend time with her!

 Jill Neubauer, Falmouth


 After full knee replacement surgery, extensive and laborious PT sessions, and an ensuing surgical “manipulation” of the knee joint, a certain degree mobility and range of motion was restored. However, scar tissue was still evident in the knee joint and the surrounding soft tissue areas producing discomfort, limiting the range of motion, and effectiveness of PT sessions.

                The PT folks at the Falmouth Sports Center suggested that in addition to continuing PT sessions that I supplement this protocol with orthopedic massage sessions with Robin. Although I never considered massage as an option for restoring functionality to the knee I believe that this hands on technique allowed Robin to target several specific areas surrounding the knee in order to break and remold the problematic scar tissue.

                A number of soft tissue-working sessions to the knee has restored the movement, flexibility, and reduced the level of discomfort in the knee joint and adjacent areas to a level which is approaching pre-surgical conditions.

                Robin’s experience in the medical community results in an observational and professional methodology for adapting her massage techniques to the particular concern at hand for her clients. Her friendly and concerned attitude allowed me to relax and promoted very useful and supportive feedback.

I am extremely pleased with the results and the continuing progress I am making in regaining full use of the knee and would recommend Robin and her massage techniques to anyone with similar post-surgical issues.  

  Rick Rendigs


After only my first session with Robin I experienced a dramatic and immediate improvement in my leg and back pain. I have been sleeping better now that I'm not waking up throughout the night with discomfort (a no-brainer, that!), and I am thrilled that the tingling, itching and "creepy-crawlies" associated with my orthopedic problems have all but disappeared. A second session - and associated homework consisting of stretches, exercises and just a sort of generalized body awareness - reinforced the improvement. A month or so has passed since my second massage and I still feel oh! so much better.
A tune-up for a middle-aged body, a kick-start to getting more exercise to aide an aching back; call it what you will. Robin has wonderful hands, is highly experienced and has a deep knowledge of the body and how it moves (or doesn't. Or didn't!) I have been singing the benefits of Robin's therapeutic massage to all and sundry. The term "therapeutic" refers to the healing of disease or to activities administered for improving one's health and wellbeing. My only regret is that I became complacent with my discomfort and didn't see seek to improve my health and wellbeing sooner. 
JS, PhD  West Falmouth


  Robin was recommended to me by a close friend who lives in Falmouth, and now every time I visit the area (I live in NYC), I make an appointment to see her.  Not only that, but if anyone tells me that they have any type of body pain and live in or have a chance to visit Cape Cod, I enthusiastically recommend her.  She’s that good.  My original complaint was persistent lower back pain on one side that I believed would not get better due to my mattress (which was new and so I could not replace it readily).  She worked on my back and hip and showed me one very simple stretch to do and I had NO more pain after one session and about one week of doing the stretch everyday.  It literally took about one minute to do this stretch.  This was August 2011 and I am writing this in July 2012.  I sleep on that same darn mattress but have no more chronic pain in my lower back.  With that ache out of the way, my next visit to her concerned a pulled or torn adductor that had been bothering me for over two years and which I kept re-injuring.  It was even noticeably changing the way I walked.  She worked on that region and, again, I had much, much less pain afterward. Now I can’t wait to try the simple stretches she recommended that I truly believe will help me regain flexibility without re-injury. 

 Robin is so good at pinpointing the exact problem area in the muscle that you know you are in the hands of someone knowledgeable about anatomy.  Not only that, but she will discuss the cause of the problem and troubleshoot just what type of sitting/standing/walking positions are prone to cause or exacerbate the issue.  She really looks at the whole situation, not just the presenting symptom.  Robin is such a personable, knowledgeable, and gifted therapist that I feel her work sets the standard for all other clinical therapies of the body. 

Astrid H. NYC


The foundation of Robin's therapeutic massage is  an advanced understanding of anatomy and physiology along with VAST experience in providing treatment designed to decrease pain and increase function.  She brings intelligence, skill and compassion to the table  (pun intended!).

 Rotator cuff surgery on the right and a subsequent injury on the left shoulder brought me to Robin. Post-surgery physical therapy  increased my flexibility and strength but my right shoulder remained very sore and achy. After one  appointment with Robin  the pain was gone. Sounds incredible, but its true.

  I tend to have tight shoulder and neck muscles so I see Robin regularly twice a month to maintain comfort and flexibility.  Currently she is helping me through the healing process for the left shoulder and it has been Robin's commitment to excellence,  support, sense of humor and the WONDERFUL massages that is getting me through.

 Anne Kent, Woods Hole


I am a "weekend warrior" who sits at a desk and computer during the week and then does long runs, long bike rides, or other strenuous activities on the weekend. I have a tendency to over-extend myself in such activities, and as I get older, I pay for it with aches, pains, and sometimes strains and injuries. I started seeing Robin for a yoga-related injury, after a couple of months of physical therapy. I was impressed with her knowledge of anatomy and connections within the body. I like that she does some active movements with me during the massage, so I can understand the connections better. I continued to see her when I had other issues, such as plantar fasciitis. I also appreciate that after each massage, she recommends stretching and sometimes strengthening exercises to help balance any problem areas. I highly recommend Robin to other athletes or weekend warriors who have a nagging injury and want to be able to get back out there on the road, trail, or field.

Stace in Falmouth


My right wrist had been damaged from overzealous off- road motorcycling in the Baja (I'm 58) and then aggravated by constant computer and mouse use.  The forearm was Popeyed, my fingers numb, and the whole mess painful--waking me up at night, limiting my computer time, etc.

  Robin worked intensively in the first session, from the neck down and the fingers up.  It was serious, deep massage, backed by knowledge, and I could tell it was making a difference.  Afterwards, she recommended wearing a wrist brace at night which was a big help.

  Because of some abiding Puritan thing, I tend to feel like I'm spoilng myself with massage because it feels good and I probably don't deserve it and should find a remedy that's unpleasant.  It's the Castor Oil Theory of cure.  For my wrist, I was considering surgery or other more invasive options.  Robin tentatively suggested I come back for several weekly sessions because she thought maybe she could improve things.  I overcame my Puritan reservations and agreed.  (Robin's rates, by the way, are quite reasonable, especially compared to something like surgery with its recovery time, lost work, etc.)

  Here's the amazing part.  It has worked. The pain and tingling and numbness are almost... gone.  My arm feels close to normal in terms of nerve issues, although I'm still taking it easy.  After four sessions.

  So, now...  I've got this old basketball knee injury that never got fixed.  I'm putting Robin on it.

  Jay Allison  Woods Hole, MA


 I'm 55, single mother, and most of my work time is spent at a

computer - either editing audio or scripts - I'm at the computer. I'm

also fairly active and have had a rotator cuff tendonitis and

shoulder impingement that suddenly kept my arm GLUED to my side.


I had an extraordinary experience - the first being: I called in

fearful and excruciating pain, and was given an appointment in short

order. When I got there, I could see that Robin is obviously very

knowledgeable which put me at ease right away. The second part of my

extraordinary experience is that I could move my arm with renewed

mobility - just after a day...! I have to say, it felt sort of



The great thing about being on Robin's table is that she measures

progress as she goes; when you work with her (breathing) she

encourages you with results. That's good for your head when you're

trying to heal. Understanding all the workings of my shoulder for

example, helps me listen to what I'm feeling - what's a no-no, what's

ok. She brought out a drawing to help me understand - so I can even

envision the anatomy and decipher if I'm slumping, or stressing

my shoulders.


Now, I can wash my hair, do the dishes - all the small things we take

for granted until we're in pain or impaired. All of that and NO

DRUGS ! and I can sleep - I still have tenderness but she's getting to

root of the problem and I can't wait to get back there tomorrow!

 Viki Merrick

Woods Hole, MA


As a physical therapist and triathlete who trains year round I find massage to be a

valuable tool for reducing pain, gaining range of motion, and avoiding

injuries.  I have had several massages with Robin and I can recommend

her highly.  She has helped me with neck

and shoulder pain, leg muscle spasms, and range of motion imbalances.

 Robin listens to her clients and tailors her

massage sessions to the individual.  Her

medical background in occupational therapy gives her a distinct edge over other

massage therapists with less training.

She is knowledgeable, professional, caring, and never rushed.

 When my husband asks what I’d like for my birthday, Mother’s

Day or Christmas, I always tell him I want a massage from Robin Burns!

 Ellen Howland

 Physical Therapist, Triathlete


I have seen dozens of dentists and massage therapists over the last 15 years in an attempt to ease the effects of my chronic Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD/TMJ). While I have occasionally encountered a helpful trick or two in treatment, I have never experienced the complete transformation that I did after an hour on Robin’s massage table.

 When I came home, my husband could not believe the complete change in my facial appearance--more open and relaxed than it had been in years. Like a locksmith, Robin set about the delicate and incredibly complicated work of releasing tiny muscles and locating knots hiding beneath the layers and layers of tension.

 She knew exactly what she was looking for and could trace the problem to its origin, treating muscles both inside and outside of my mouth, working spots on my head, neck and shoulders that I never realized were antagonizing the problem. She is gentle and communicative but not afraid to employ strength and pressure when necessary. The immediate effects lasted for days, and I feel as though I might have made some long-lasting progress as well.

 I have since recommended Robin to everyone I know in need of therapy or relaxation.

 Melissa Allison, 34

 Radio Producer


 Four years ago I compounded a minor gym injury to my right leg by immediately walking on it all day for 4 days while traveling. The resulting nerve damage has plagued me ever since with leg cramps, toe numbness/tightness, soreness at the ball of the foot and foot supination. A year ago my Chiropractor gave me partial relief using ultrasound to release pressure on the nerve at my knee. Until I met Robin 2 months ago, no Neurologist, Podiatrist, Orthopedist, or Physical Therapist had even suggested how to mitigate my symptoms, no less develop a rehabilitation plan. Robin has done both.

  After my first session with Robin my symptoms entirely disappeared for the 1st two days following treatment. By the fifth session symptoms were not apparent for almost a week following treatment. Iʼve learned that reversing nerve damage can take a long time, but I believe that in working with Robin my foot will be normal sooner rather than later.

  I give Robin an ultra high, super recommendation!

 Bill Gilbrook